20 Things You Should Never Say To Dracula

Disclaimer: The author of this list is exempt from any liability should the verbalisation of the following statements lead to loss of limbs, permanent disfigurement and/or death.

1.       ...Hawthorne, or wild Rose?

2.       Your castle is now a tourist attraction.

3.       I like Shish-Kebabs.

4.       The Turkish rule.

5.       Hey! Free ticket to Istanbul.

6.       ...By the way, I planted a garlic patch in your cemetery.

7.       How’d you get your head back from Turkey, anyway?

8.       Hey, look, a Televangelist!

9.       Jesus loves me, this I know...

10.   The Pope’s coming for dinner tomorrow. And you can’t eat him!

11.   ...My mother was Turkish.

12.   AAHH! RAT!...oh, sorry....hehe...my bad....

13.   You know, a castle this old should really have a church...

14.   Let’s go swimming in that river next to your castle!

15.   Look! Radu!

16.   Look! Mehmed II!

17.   Look! Stephen the Great!

18.   Ruthven was way hotter.....

19.   You’ve been upstaged by sparkly wimps.

20.   The Turkish won.